The Ford Super Duty frame can hold over 60,000 pounds

Ford vehicles (especially trucks) have been equipped with the strongest military-grade aluminum available on the market. This ensures that the car and its driver will be protected at all times. The minute anyone steps in one of these Ford Super Duty trucks will feel safe.

To put the strength of the frame to the test, a group of engineers decided to start stacking Ford trucks on the frame help by a crane. Each Ford F-150 truck weighs in at 4,700 pounds. The frame ended up holding on to eight Ford trucks equaling nearly 38,000 pounds. There were no noticeable cracks in the frame, and it wasn't bending at all.

To test the limits even further the group brought in the mighty Ford F-750 vehicle that weighs over 13,000 pounds. The frame held up against all of the trucks and made it look easy. There was a total weight of 60,000 pounds.
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