Get Your Ford Vehicle Ready for Spring with These 6 Car Care Tips

It's officially spring, folks, and that means warmer weather and budding flowers; however, that also means it's probably time for a little spring cleaning as well! If you haven't given your Ford vehicle the once-over for the new season and you're not sure where to begin, then we have a quick list of 6 spring car care tips for your convenience. Let's take a look:



  1. Wash and wax your vehicle. A full winter season of salt and dirt from the roads can cause rusting and damage to paint, so a thorough cleaning is definitely a good thing.
  2. Similarly, clean out your cabin. Whether it's tracked-in dirt and salt, a pile of winter coats and blankets, or assorted garbage that's piled up, clearing out the cabin can make even an older vehicle feel fresh.
  3. Check the air pressure in your tires. Cold winter air compresses, and warm spring air expands, so you may need to re-pressurize your tires if you haven't in a month or longer.
  4. Consider replacing your windshield wiper blades. All the snow and ice from the winter can easily rip up the soft rubber on the blades, so a fresh set will keep your view ahead crystal-clear.
  5. Take a look under the hood for damaged pipes and belts. Cold weather can leave them cracked or brittle, and any in this condition will most certainly need replacing.
  6. Have your wheel alignment and suspension checked. Big cracks and pot holes in the roads and throw off how your vehicle handles, so be sure to get both of these checked if you're noticing a rougher ride or your vehicle pulling to the side.

Need assistance with any of these steps? You can simply schedule a service appointment with our service center team and they'll take care of the hard work for you! We hope to see you soon and get you off on the right foot for the new season.

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