Compare the Ford Escape near Waterbury, CT

Compare the Ford Escape in Watertown
vs. the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 & Subaru Forester

The crossover segment is one that's grown substantially in the last few years, with seemingly every automaker upping their game in order to provide the best value possible. Ford is no exception to this trend, with the Escape presenting drivers from Waterbury, Bristol, Naugatuck, Southington, New Milford & beyond with an incredible blend of efficiency, capability, style, and utility. But how does it compare to the competition?

Ford Escape Vs. Honda CR-V in Watertown, CT

2017 Ford Escape

2017 Honda CR-V

  • Price is always part of why people choose one vehicle over another, and the Escape is available at a lower starting MSRP than the CR-V.
  • Fill up fewer times with the Escape, thanks to its 15.7 gallon fuel tank. The CR-V only offers a 15.3 gallon fuel tank, so you may be making more stops.
  • New England winters are no joke, which is why the Escape is a great buy with its available heated mirrors so you can spend a little less time clearing off your car after that last big snow storm. The CR-V doesn't offer this feature.
  • If you've driven anywhere in New England, you'll know that sometimes it takes a while to get to where you're going, which is why Satellite Radio comes in handy. This feature is available in the Escape, but not in the CR-V.

Ford Escape Vs. Toyota RAV4 in Watertown, CT

2017 Ford Escape

2017 Toyota RAV4

  • Discussing money might be tough on relationships, but when it comes to buying your SUV, it's important to consider that the RAV4's starting MSRP is approximately $5,000 more than the comparably-equipped Escape.
  • Whether you're interested in performance or not, the RAV4 only offers 176 horsepower, while the Escape delivers 179 horsepower.
  • The Escape offers more horsepower, but it also can maintain a better fuel economy than the RAV4.
  • New England has a lot of great attractions, but without navigation you may be lost and out of luck. The Escape has this feature available, but the RAV4 requires you spend significantly more for that luxury.
  • If you want to trailer 2,000 pounds, the Ford model doesn't escape that responsibility, while the Toyota model only pulls 1,500 pounds.

Ford Escape Vs. Subaru Forester in Watertown, CT

2017 Ford Escape

2017 Subaru Forester

  • While the Forester offers AWD, the Escape does one better with 4WD, because winter around here is no small feat.
  • Whether you flunked parallel parking in driver's education, or you passed but cannot for the life of you remember how, there is hope. The Escape offers a rear parking aid for added security, while the entry-level trim of the Forester does not.
  • The Escape offers more headroom and legroom than the Forester.
  • If you are shopping for an SUV, chances are you care a great deal about cargo volume, which is why the Escape is a good fit because it offers more than the Forester.

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