Get Snow Tires Near Waterbury at Shaker's Family Ford

Shaker's Family Ford: Your Winter Tire Resource

You know you might need winter tires, but given all the rumors out there about their viability, it might be difficult to know for sure. That's why the Shaker's Family Ford team is encouraging drivers from across Watertown, Bristol, Southington, New Milford and Naugatuck to upgrade their tires with us this winter.

Do snow tires help you control your car better on icy, snowy roads?

Yes. That's why we store winter tires for every driver from across Watertown, Bristol, Southington, New Milford and Naugatuck.

Why are winter tires so effective?

The tread compound utilized by tire manufacturers in summer and all-season tires doesn't just offer less traction than winter tires, but can also break down quicker when the winter hits and the temperatures drops. That's why upgrading to winter tires- particularly studded winter tires- is sound advice no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Studded tires add another key layer between you and the icy road.

Come learn why drivers from Watertown and surrounding Connecticut areas rely on the parts and service experts here at Shaker's Family Ford to get their winter skids installed, maintained and upgraded.

Our team of winter tire experts offers fast, efficient and affordable winter tire upgrades to keep you, your passengers and your fellow drivers safe in all winter conditions. We'll even tailor your winter tires to your exact driving habits, so that you have the exact right pair of winter tires no matter what make or model car, SUV or truck you drive. Visit Shaker's Family Ford this winter to learn more!

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